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Cleaner air, less cross-contamination 

With CyClean

It is a well-known fact that fluff is a hazard in hatcheries. As it carries micro-organisms, fluff increases the risk of cross-contamination. To solve this problem, HatchTech has developed a revolutionary solution to capture fluff before it leaves the hatcher: CyClean™.

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95% less fluff

With the CyClean™, 95% of the fluff that usually escapes the hatcher is captured. This results in far cleaner exhaust air, which significantly reduces the chance of cross-contamination in and around the hatchery.

Fluff room no longer required

Not only does having a traditional fluff room in a hatcher area take up a lot of additional space, but 50% of the fluff still escapes into the outside environment. With the CyClean™, you will enjoy cleaner air in your hatchery, while saving on building, operational and labour costs.

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Cleaner air and less cross contamination with CyClean™

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