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Service training program

Driven by the market’s continuous demand for technical improvements, HatchTech is constantly innovating. To make sure our technical advances are accessible to all our customers, we offer a Service Training Program. Sakda Thongkort from CF Thailand recently took this training, and recommends it to hatchery technicians all around the globe.

‘Knowledge helps us perfect our maintenance’

“In a hatchery, there’s always more you can learn,” says Sakda. “Thanks to the HatchTech Service Training Program, we’ve gained new knowledge that is helping us perfect our maintenance program. This service training has not only been really worthwhile for our technicians, but it has been useful for all the staff at the hatchery. I can thoroughly recommend the HatchTech training to all of my colleagues around the globe.”

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Sakda Tomkort from CF Thailand recommends HatchTech’s Service Training to hatchery technicians all around the globe.

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