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Gijs van Oosterhout

Poultry Farmer


Mr van Oosterhout has been using HatchCare chicks for some time now. He is extremely pleased with the performance of his chicks. The result he sees at the end of the cycle is chicks that weigh an average of 50 grams more, with a four to five point feed conversion. ‘It’s just good,’ according to Mr van Oosterhout. 

“My goal for the future is to use zero antibiotics on my farm. That’s why we started with HatchCare chicks. The profit margin at the end of the cycle is obviously very important for broiler producers. We can see that this approach definitely works for us financially.”

Gijs van Oosterhout about his HatchCare chicks  


Image Boosting

“The poultry industry doesn’t have a particularly great image at the moment. I can say that my chicks have light, feed and water as soon as they hatch. That has immense social importance. We mustn’t just speak about the negative aspects, but also highlight the positives.”

More about the HatchCare concept  

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Poultry farmer Gijs van Oosterhout is extremely pleased with his HatchCare chicks. At the end of the cycle they weigh an average of 50 grams more, with a feed conversion of four to five points.

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