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Superior chicks, fewer antibiotics




Quality basket time

With Light, Feed and Water

It sounds normal, but it’s a different matter for day-old chicks that hatch in other hatchers! HatchCare is the only system to offer chicks immediate access to light, feed and water after hatching. In addition, the chicks can stay in the HatchCare basket until they arrive at the poultry house. The result: superior chicks and fewer antibiotics. 

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‘Licence to produce’  

Joost ter Heerdt, Sales Director

About HatchCare and the demand for antibiotic-free production.


Fewer antibiotics

The chicks stay in the same basket from the moment they hatch until they arrive at the poultry house. The HatchCare basket eliminates the need for separators and chick counters. The result is less stress, lower antibiotic use and maximum efficiency.

Optimal living environment

The HatchCare living environment provides the chicks with light, feed and water. They have 40% more space to move. The patented MicroClimer technology also guarantees the perfect uniform conditions for optimal growth and development.

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HatchCare guarantees superior quality chicks that need fewer antibiotics. HatchCare chicks are provided with the best environment for growth from the moment they hatch right to the poultry house.

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