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We are proud of the collaboration with Micarna. Read their story about chosing HatchCare 
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The meat processor part of the M (Migros) – Industry, which includes 20 companies producing more than 20,000 products. Micarna is the industry leader in Switzerland. With 2300 employees, they are number one in the Swiss market and produce more than 4500 different products for consumers via their own supermarket Migros, and starting to supply via retailers worldwide. 



" HatchTech Technology maximizes the output of your hatching eggs. What is in the eggs comes out. We are expected to give the result of high chick quality "


Anton Grub

Strategic Project manager poultry



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“Very proud!" 

"Roland is proud of what is going to happen. Proud of being part of this, proud of making a change. "We make the chain transparent from production until the supermarket."

Roland Pfister

Head of Corporate Communications Micarna


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“It's a breakthrough”

"This technology will definitely reduce chick stress, handling the chicks and provides them with water and feed directly after hatch" 


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Cedric Hoffmann

Chief Poultry Breeding Micarna


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Experts from Micarna, Anton Grub, Roland Pfister and Cedric Hoffman telling their story about HatchCare

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