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Rafael (38), an employee at the hatchery, places six trolleys in the incubator. Each trolley with 7040 eggs is easily positioned in the MicroClimer Setter. Every egg is held in the honeycomb tray which prevents breaking and provides space for an optimal airflow. The six trolleys are divided by six radiators. Rafael closes the doors downwards.

Producing perfect quality day-old chicks starts with the basic needs of the embryo in terms of four key parameters: Oxygen, CO2, Water and Embryo temperature. Each of these parameters must be simultaneously controlled in order to deliver the environmental conditions necessary for optimal embryo development to each and every egg in the incubator.

HatchTech Setters use patented Laminar Airflow technology in the MicroClimer Setter. This innovative concept guarantees the optimal cooling, heating and ventilation necessary for every egg, as well as a high biosecurity level and low energy use.

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How does the HatchTech MicroClimer Setter work? 

Rafael walks along the Setters, has a look and continues with his daily tasks. He is very relaxed, the HatchTech system will warn him if anything needs his attention. The easy to use touchscreen of the main menu gives him overviews of the six sections. The MicroClimer is easy to operate, every tray is turned by an individual motor on the trolleys. Rafael can easily check all the settings for each individual section in the incubator. 

HatchTech MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers are designed to control a uniform incubation environment for each embryo in the machine. The Controller gives a complete overview and control of the ventilator, six temperature sensors, the CO2 and humidity sensors, a back-up sensor, the inlet and exhaust vents, the individual trolleys and the central M6-cooling and heating system.
Your outcome is Superior Chick Quality, achieved in the latest high-tech, cost efficient incubation operation.

MicroClimer Setters are available in two series with different capacities for day-old chicks and a range has also been developed for turkeys and ducks. The result of using HatchTech MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers is Uniform Superior Chick Quality. That’s why HatchTech Incubation Technology ensures you outstanding performances and, therefore, the highest levels of profitability.

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HatchTech Technology secures Chick Quality

It is day 18 and Rafael will move the trolleys to the HatchCare Hatcher. He is satisfied: the incubation period proceeded smoothly, no condensation spots, minimal bangers, the eggs are ready for hatching. The newly hatched chicks will be strong and healthy. In the HatchCare they can access water, feed and light directly - giving them an extra boost. Another successful hatch of high-quality, day-old chicks. 

Superior Quality day-old chicks deliver a better field performance, better livability, and improved growth rates and breast meat yield at lower feed conversion ratios. This is a guarantee for top performance on the production farm. 





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Superior and Uniform Chick Quality starts with the HatchTech MicroClimer Setter

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