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Maintain the performance of your HatchTech equipment

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Use a maintenance checklist

Many people wonder how structured and logical maintenance helps provide superior chick quality.

Well-maintained machines are a decisive part of achieving this goal. A maintenance checklist is an easy tool to help you check your machines frequently for appropriate maintenance and therefore improve performance. It shows the maintenance priorities and the steps you can take to reduce malfunctions. This maintenance management will reduce unexpected costs and improve your hatchery so you can provide superior chick quality on a secure and continuous basis.

How does it work?

Of course inspecting your machines is not difficult. At HatchTech Service, our advice is: "Just do it and do it correctly." Take the time to correctly inspect and maintain your machines, as this routine can bring many unexpected benefits. Machine inspection is a quick and easy procedure. We advise you to use the maintenance checklist at least three times a year. It only takes 30 minutes per machine to ensure that you get the best performance from it. 


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What are your benefits?

Your benefits are clear and concrete: substantially lower maintenance costs for a low investment of time, no unexpected problems, and all the machines will permanently perform at a high level.
The maintenance checklist also shows the machine history. This provides an overview of the current machine status and will help you make modifications to the system or prepare you to anticipate future costs.

Your performance is our priority!


At HatchTech we believe in your profitable business. To help improve your performance, we are ready to support you with this tool. Our priority is training and supporting your team.

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Our on-site Service Training teaches your staff the most structured and efficient ways to maintain your HatchTech equipment. This allows you to focus on what you do best: providing top-quality chicks.

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