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'HatchCare shows impressive results'

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Evert Kampert



Lagerwey Hatchery in Lunteren, the Netherlands, has recently increased its capacity from 1.8 million to 2.5 million chicks per week. The HatchCare system has been installed in their new buildings next to the existing hall. Hatchery Manager Evert Kampert says it's exceeding his expectations... 

“In the HatchCare system, chicks have light, feed and water. This leads to superior development and faster growth. HatchCare's field results are very promising; the numbers are already impressive. Yet, it wouldn’t surprise me if the overall performance turned out to be even better.”


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'It’s no longer acceptable for chicks not to have water or food available immediately after hatching. With HatchCare, they have both!' 

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'The biggest advantage is definitely the improved performance. For the time being, the HatchCare system is only available in our new complex. But if the system is a success – and I expect it will be – then we’ll certainly be applying it throughout our complete hatchery.'

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Hatchery Manager Evert Kampert from Hatchery Lagerwey in Lunteren, the Netherlands about HatchCare's impressive field results.

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