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Annyalla Chicks Ltd
shares their first results from HatchCare

The largest independent hatchery in the UK, Annyalla Chicks Ltd, implemented HatchCare last summer. They share their first results and experience. "I talked to growers who had HatchCare chicks from the first few hatches. They are willing to pay three to four cents more for the chick."


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"15 percent heavier in weight"

It makes us very proud that we are able to supply a chick that is superior. Customers are just amazed by the HatchCare concept. It is extremely different compared to everything else that is available in the market. HatchCare gives us a chick that is about 15 percent heavier in weight.

John Mawer

CEO Annyalla Chicks

"Hatching results are impressive"

HatchCare is logical. You provide feed, water and light - you provide everything the bird requires. And the hatching results are impressive. We see hatching rates as high as 98% life of flock. We are achieving quite a lot.

David Little

Hatchery manager Annyalla Chicks

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