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How HatchCare delivers greater
flexibility and predictability,
and a stress-free working environment

Today’s hatchery managers have a lot on their mind, and many are under increasing time pressure. To prevent loss of quality, managers must ensure day-old chicks are transported to the broiler house as quickly and efficiently as possible. Doing so relies on having predictable hatchability and reliable, easy-to-use equipment. HatchCare, our hatcher providing feed, fresh water and light, offers an innovative solution to all these challenges. It delivers greater flexibility and predictability, and a stress-free working environment. Our Hatchery Coach Willem van den Oetelaars explains how. 


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Willem van den Oetelaar MSc

Hatchery Coach

"HatchCare demonstrates consistent improvement in chick bodyweight: 15% at pull, 10% at seven days, and 5% at the end of the grow-out phase"


three innovative solutions

HatchTech offers a range of services to coach your staff and to ensure that you get the very best out of your hatchery, and the highest returns on your investments. For more information, please contact us at:

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