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Early feeding
is a game changer

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Experts in poultry about early feeding

The HatchCare Experience at EuroTier 2016 attracted a lot of attention, with poultry professionals from all around the world paying us a visit to see the Hatcher with Light, Feed and Water in action.  


Experts from throughout the poultry chain shared their thoughts on HatchCare.


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“It’s a necessity”

It’s a necessity to have early feeding, and it will for sure make more profit for the farmers. Early feeding is very important, because the first moment the chick has access to feed is when the development occurs. Every one gram extra in the first week means seven to ten grams at the killing age.

Mohammad Kallas

Regional Technical Manager - Cobb-Europe

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“A good start”

Early feeding ensures that the chick won’t use the remainder of the egg yolk to feed itself, but for immunity and for a good start. It will then use the feed for its further development. And that’s the right order.

Adriaan Smulders

Species Technology Manager & Additives Lead - Cargill

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Experts from throughout the poultry chain share their thoughts on HatchCare

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