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World's first transparent HatchCare Centre has HatchCare as its heart. The proven hatcher with Light, Feed and Water.

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Optibrut GmbH  

In August 2016  the realization of  Optibrut GmbH started. Optibrut is an entirely new concept – a modern, transparent, early-feeding hatchery with, at its heart, HatchCare, the only proven hatcher with light, feed and water.  The grand opening of the first transparent HatchCare Centre worldwide will be in November 2017.  The HatchCare Centre will produce 1.6 milion day-old chicks a week  at full capacity and is located in Nordhorn (Germany). 


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Hans Groot Koerkamp and Klaas Knol

Founders of Optibrut GmbH




Optibrut GmbH aims to become, and remain, the number one trendsetter in the poultry business by applying innovative HatchTech technology and meeting consumer demands.


  • Reducing antibiotic use
  • Improving animal welfare
  • 100% transparency.


Only modern transparent hatcheries with early-feeding technology can meet both the social requirements voiced by NGOs and the economical needs of the poultry chain including the retail.     

The transparent Optibrut HatchCare Centre answers these current and future challenges.     


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World's first transparent hatchery has HatchCare as its heart. The proven incubator with Light, Feed and Water.

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