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HatchCare the global standard for early feeding

HatchTech is proud to see more and more HatchCare projects worldwide. Hatchery managers are witnessing and experiencing the advantages of the concept of early feeding immediately after hatching. HatchCare is a reliable solution and supports optimal development which results in stronger and healthier chicks, lower mortality and a higher growth rate.

The global roll-out shows the different HatchTech customers worldwide who have invested in HatchCare.

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Rafael (38), smiles as he walks to the HatchCare hatchers. It is day 21 and most of the chicks are hatching at the moment. The corridor is calm and quiet, an unthinkable situation in his old, traditional hatchers. The chicks hatch without any stress caused by other, newly hatched chicks or the remaining eggshells.   


HatchCare: the only proven hatcher with feed, light and water. Chicks hatch under optimum and uniform temperature conditions. After hatching they are immediately provided with light, feed and water. This system delivers strong, healthier chicks and is also a significant step towards animal friendly and antibiotic-free poultry production worldwide. 

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HatchCare is more than early feeding

 Egg tray is seperator: No sorting automation needed

No chick counter needed

• Hatch cradle is transport basket


      Less stress during handling and selection

Rafael walks along the Hatch Care hatcher 24 hours later. The outer walls of the HatchCare hatchery are made from glass to enable the chicks to be observed without opening the doors. More and more chickens have hatched, they start drinking and feeding and become more active. Rafael will continue his preparations to transfer the day-old chicks to the poultry farm.   

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Superior and Uniform Chick Quality starts with the HatchTechs HatchCare early feeding concept. No selection, handling, less stress

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