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Natural hatch window

The uniformity of embryo temperatures that is created by the incubator design has the most significant impact on the hatch window. Due to existing deficiencies in incubator design, the only tool many managers have to prevent dehydration is by shortening the hatch window. However it is important to realise that shortening the hatch window will negatively affect chick quality and performance.  



Chicks should not be forced to hatch: they must hatch naturally as determined by their individual egg quality and embryo characteristics. To reach this "natural" hatch window, the incubator design must create an optimal and uniform environment for every egg. If the incubator can meet these criteria, shortening the hatch window is unnecessary.

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Negative results of a non- natural hatch window:


Natural hatch window_1480

Second grade chickens



Natural hatch window_1481

 Red hocks



Natural hatch window_1482

 Dotted beaks

Natural hatch window, hatchery coach

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