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After working with the system for more than 3 years, Edwin Paardekooper and Maikel Everink, Probroed & Sloot, share their experiences with HatchCare – the hatcher with light feed and water.  


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HatchCare Chicks -
ProCare Chicks

The HatchCare hatchery in Vreden (Germany) is operated by our long-time customer Probroed & Sloot, part of the WIMEX Group. WIMEX is the largest producer of hatching eggs and day-old chicks in Europe, producing 10 million day-old chicks per week. HatchCare chicks from the WIMEX group are sold as ProCare Chicks. The technical results at farm level have exceeded all expectations and WIMEX has grown its number of HatchCare units from six in 2014 to 39 in 2018, with expansion planned for 2019. 


"There is less rejection at the slaughterhouse, so in that sense they perform better."



" We also see that it improves the feed conversion."


"We are convinced that early feeding and the way we do it is the future."


From the field (Wimex)_1964

Edwin Paardekooper, 
Production Manager


From the field (Wimex)_1965

Maikel Everink,

Hatchery Manager

"The chick has a better immune system, because it has had food and water in HatchCare."


"Many customers have even already had a number of rounds without antibiotics. We are very proud of that."


"There is less mortality in the first week, and also throughout the entire flock." 


Since the introduction of HatchCare in 2014, more than one billion HatchCare chicks have been placed at poultry farms around the world.
Improved animal welfare, reduction of antibiotic use and a better bottom line result are the main motives for the poultry industry to choose HatchCare. 

From the field (Wimex)_1975

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