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Your performance is our priority, that's the aim of the service department at HatchTech. At HatchTech we use a service agreement to maintain essential components of the equipment, for example the sensors. We would like to share some experiences from our customers worldwide.  



Craig Ponder
Hatchery Manager of MultiQuip (Australia): 

Sensors are the parameters for my hatchery, so it is crucial to maintain correctly working sensors. Having a service agreement means we do not have to perform maintenance or check the data from the sensors. This gives us more time to focus on the performance of our hatchery.    "Yes, we are perfectly satisfied with the agreement, there are no worries about the sensors, it is totally worth it." 

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János Papp
Chief Technical Manager of Baromfi-Coop (Hungary)

In my opinion, having correctly functioning sensors is vital as they directly impact on the quality of the product. Sensors have an important function in the hatchery: they secure the best environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature etc. 
From the start, we were aware that maintenance is a special part of our operations, especially the sensors.  It is easy to consult the experts at HatchTech to learn how to maximise our performance. This also helps our operation team to guarantee the best chick quality.   

The service agreement is also very helpful. The HatchTech service team informs me before and after any tests, and if certain parts cannot be repaired, they automatically send me new parts. I don’t even have to place an order!   "The agreement makes all the processes easier and smoother and saves a lot of valuable time."


Roland Letumelin, Hatchery Manager
Stéphane Boutté,Technical Management

of Couvéo Poussins (France): 


It is essential that sensors work correctly and the service agreement certainly helps to maintain the sensors in good condition. We no longer have to worry about the state of the sensors as under the terms of the agreement they are regularly calibrated, returned to us, and very importantly, without any extra administrative tasks. 


“We are happy with this all-in, no-nonsense maintenance agreement."



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Your performance is our priority!

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