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Consumers demanding, the answer is early feeding

The food production sector has a long history of responding to the changing demands placed on the products desired by its customers. Together with the growing interest and awareness of consumers, we are noticing an explosion in press coverage.

Driven by the internet and social media, this type of information spreads much more easily and faster than ever before. Poultry producers worldwide need to be aware of this changing demand and how quickly information spreads.

We have a responsibility to develop machines that are of high quality, support efficient production and score positively concerning sustainable farming and animal welfare. We have to produce products you can be proud of; products that you are more than willing to show to your customers and their consumers.  

A rapidly growing number of poultry producers are choosing for HatchTech and its progressive product portfolio, as supplier for their hatchery equipment. Check out the global roll-out video, which shows where in the world you can find the latest installations.  

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Global update (Consumer drive market)

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