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Edwin Paardekooper

Probroed & Sloot


The hatchery at Probroed & Sloot was recently equipped with HatchCare – the system that offers newly hatched chicks immediate access to light, feed and water. “We are really enthusiastic about the system. Seeing how the animals react brings an instant smile to your face”, says Edwin Paardekooper of Probroed & Sloot.

“We are certain that HatchCare will help us contribute to reducing antibiotic use by delivering chicks with more vitality. At the same time, we can enhance animal welfare by providing direct access to feed and water in the hatcher.”

Watch Mr. Paardekooper's experiences with HatchCare  

Superior Chick Quality

We have just finished a large pilot phase where we chose to supply the HatchCare chicks to the same selected customers. The customers all want to have the HatchCare chicks again. I think that’s a very positive sign!' 

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Big advantage

'Customers tell us that this is a big advantage, because they don’t lose any turnover rate and they can benefit from the concept of early feeding without making any investments.'

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