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Fewer antibiotics, optimal living environment!


A full backpack

Once they have hatched, it is important for newly hatched chicks to prepare as thoroughly as possible for their entry to the poultry house. That means plenty of space, light, feed and water. HatchCare not only warms the eggs efficiently but also fills the chicks' backpacks with everything they need. Superior chick quality, higher revenues!

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Animal welfare

The HatchCare system helps the chick to help itself. Everything that the young bird needs is provided. A stress-free start under excellent conditions. HatchCare is the new standard. See the benefits for yourself.

Chick length and health 

HatchCare produces not only the highest numbers of chicks, but also the best-quality chicks. Long, healthy and ready to perform. Precisely the type of chicks that a hatchery aims to deliver. Want to know about the solutions that make this possible?

Early feeding

A newly hatched chick needs feed and water immediately. This is no time to take away the bird's basic necessities! HatchCare prevents this, making sure that the chick's development is uninterrupted. 

HatchCare sets the new standard in superior chick quality. Learn all about the advantages of this revolutionary concept.

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