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Uniform conditions for every single embryo



Conditions in the incubator have a significant influence on chick quality. HatchTech is the only incubator manufacturer to guarantee optimum uniform conditions throughout the machine. All thanks to our unique Laminar Airflow technology.  

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Optimum embryo temperature 

In the incubator, an embryo temperature of 100.04 °F delivers optimum results. This calls for an environment which allows unrestricted transmission of heat to and from the egg. Laminar Airflow makes this possible. 

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Uniform temperature

If cooling in the incubators is not sufficient, the embryo temperature rises in the final stage of the incubation process. Research carried out by HatchTech has shown that higher temperatures lead to lower chick weights and poorer navel quality. 

Hatch window

Uniform flocks mean a hatch window that is as short as possible. By raising the temperature or CO2 level, it is possible to force chicks out of the egg. This is a very animal-unfriendly method which has adverse effects on chick quality. With Laminar Airflow, HatchTech achieves a short hatch window in an animal-friendly way.

HatchTech's exclusive Laminar Airflow technology is the key to superior chick quality. Learn about the advantages that this unique concept has to offer.

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