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Chick Storage Room


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Before transporting chicks to the farm, it is important to store them in a room where they feel comfortable. And where the temperature and ventilation conditions are optimal. With the Chick Storage Room, HatchTech offers every chick a waiting room 'fit for a king'. A stress-free start to their journey.

In the Chick Storage Room, all chicks enjoy an optimal environment.

A stress-free waiting room

Temperature control enables the chicks to maintain their ideal body temperature (104-105 °F). So no heat stress and no risk of dehydration. 


The patented MicroClimer technology delivers an optimum airflow, from top to bottom and from front to back. Fresh air reaches every chick at the correct velocity. An additional benefit is that the technology used delivers a 30% space saving. Better performance, larger capacity, higher returns!

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Global update about HatchTech’s Chick Storage Room. Who are its users, where are they from and what is their opinion?

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